Chippers MAXIM are highly productive machines with original contruction items.
Our machines operate manily in EU countries.
Chippers MAXIM are well known by their massive construction, they guarantee long life of a machine and high durability of spare parts.
Narrow link between construction and production is a guarantee of power rating and simplicity of use.

Customerization is our aim:

  • towed
  • carried in three-point linkage
  • tractor powered ( in this version is also possible with electromotor )
  • with individual diesel engine
  • on chassis up to 40 kph or 80 kph
  • with hydraulic arm
  • on ABROLL frame

We also offer extra standard fit-out according to following operating conditions
(briquetting plant, biofluid gasification, composting).

Guarantee period is 18 months and service within 48 hours in the Czech Republic.